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Image there are enough people to organize balanced societies, healthy economies, how is it possible that they have no work?

If we provide our mindset with another approach, abundance instead of scarcity, there will be room to build on different perspectives and solutions. The idea of scarcity is a tunnel vision of the industrial era, scarcity is a choice of capital owners by manipulating production and prices. The new scarcity is about clear water, frish air, healthy food, capital owners will bring it.

* Scarcity is about fear of livelihood, inequality, greed.

* Abundance is about enjoying life, sharing, distribution, cooperation.

Changing the idea of hierarchical top-down thinking, -how to control-, could be replaced into bottom-up -questioning-, which conditions balanced societies needs.

* It’s about competition for quality instead of livelihood.

Let’s debate sovereignty, economic ecosystems, borders, global economy, leadership, ethics, corruption, integrity, ecosystems of minorities that keep each other alive and in balance.


* A combination of globalisation (free and uncontrolled) + democracy is impossible. Democracy is based on diversity and the representation of minorities, borders, laws, a social economy, tax, justice.

* The call for a strong leader will end up in a dictatorship of a small elite.
 When citizens accept the inequality, livelihood will be reduced in favor of the elite.

* The idea of lobbying is diametrically opposed to the idea of democracy, it simply is backroom influence of companies with too much money.

* Voting “against” is lost energy. Elections via political parties will not change the structure of inequality. When citizens do not come up with new structures and solutions, nothing will change.

*A specific currency cannot take precedence over the concrete interest of peoples.



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