To save our human experience, we can stand up and reorganize work, ownership. Not by protesting, but by building new social and economic systems. 

What society do you want to live in. What are you willing to struggle for?

When integrity and diversity are suppressed, a monoculture emerges in which the leader determines what is right and wrong = end of democracy. Without pluralism, uncensored knowledge,  new experiences, life becomes monotonous. Out of boredom, fear, greed we will fight each other.

Children have a sense of justice, whether something is fair or not. In adulthood, integrity does not seem to be expected, after all: capital/economy has no morality.

Yet the desire for a just and orderly world remains. Something like paradise, where unity, belonging, appreciation and group identity are self-evident values. Are we perhaps struggling with the apparent closed-offness of being an individual and the freedom/responsibility associated with it? 

Are integrity and justice qualities to which we may hold each other accountable?

  • Pain is inevitable. There’s no such thing as a life without struggle. The key is to find meaningful struggle.
  • Positive thinking is overrated. Negative emotions serve a purpose. They can help us learn and grow and survive.
  • We are inherently flawed and limited. Better to learn and work with those limitations rather than be delusional and pretend they aren’t there.
  • Better to not know who we are. It’s when we get attached to our identity that bad things start to happen. Better to stay fluid and leave oneself open to growing and evolving.
  • There is no greater purpose or higher truth. It’s our responsibility to invent a sense of purpose for ourselves.
  • Meaningful change is, by definition, uncomfortable. This shit is not a weekend retreat. Mark Manson


Building an economy with respectful distribution, friendly codes of conduct


“What do you want to hear and see and what do you plan to learn about?” Hermes Trismegistus

New mindset
When technology becomes smarter and man more dependent, more enslaved, dehumanization occurs and the soul is denied.
When greed and lust for power have free rein, they will satisfy their hunger with destruction.
When people, collectives become aware of their own shadow and interconnectedness, mind and matter, nature and energy, insight can lead to knowledge, responsibility and inner freedom.


Our democracy’s are turning into totalitarian systems. So, the people must stand up for themselves. Not by protesting but by creating new social and economic systems.

We live on 1 earth that belongs to no one, it’s a matter of respectful sharing. What are you willing to struggle for?

De globalisering van de vrije, ongecontrolleerde financiële sector heeft geleid tot trustvorming en de ineenstorting van nationale, sociale en natuurlijke ecosystemen.  Vele publieke voorzieningen zijn geprivatiseerd en eigendom van investeerders (energie, zorg, openbaar vervoer).

John F. Kennedy: “You cannot negotiate with people who say what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is negotiable.”

Dit -ieder voor zich- beleid voortzetten zal leiden tot een ontheemde en grimmige toekomst, gebaseerd op een schulden economie en autoritair leiderschap. Is dit -vaarwel- democratie, of laten we de afwachtende slachtofferrol achter ons en gaan voor het herstel van de scheiding der machten.

Vechten tegen deze financiële machtsgreep is niet waar wij aan denken, wij willen de luis in de pels zijn en met alternatieven komen. De omkering van top-down beheers beleid, naar nieuwe door burgers gedragen, bottom-up, systemen. (scholing-werk-inkomen, zorgsysteem, nuts banken, belasting)

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