Your EU future

Saving our democratic roots of human dignity, the fair share of wealth.

The Europe we want to live in…

Our future is at stake! We are at a tipping point, it’s top-down (central authoritarian government) or bottom-up (citizen participation). It’s not about right or left, but about the society, our democratic roots of human dignity, the fair share of wealth. It’s how the very structure of the Eurozone has contributed to inequality.

“Power and politics are too close in the hands of Nations, no one is in control” – Zygmunt Bauman.

The experiment we want to initiate is that citizens, EU wide, share their ideas, disgreements, leave topics before we are played off against each other. Every region, nation has its own history, culture, expectations and dreams. We have 3 European cultures, East, South, West… but we have a shared future.

Please share what you are dreaming about, your ideas, or think along with a new electoral system, an eco-economy.

It’s that people want to feel they are transforming the world in a way that makes a positive difference. Let’s debate our topics and cluster them into different scenarios.

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