What makes life beautiful, worth, making something of it? Without the will for freedom, responsibility, our soul sleeps.

Hold on, citizens are human beings and want to experience life, belonging, exploring, connectedness. Let’s save our souls before our own politicians make man/machines out of us.

When integrity and diversity are suppressed, a monoculture emerges in which the leader determines what’s right and wrong. Without pluralism, uncensored knowledge, new experiences, life becomes boring. Out of boredom, fear, greed, we will fight each other. 

Children have a sense of justice, whether something is fair or not. In adulthood, integrity does not seem to be expected, after all: a capital/economy has no morality. Wisdom should be monitored in civilization like strategic resources because it is the most important human resource on Earth. 

“What do you want to hear and see and what do you plan to learn about?” Hermes Trismegistus

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